Trampoline gymnastics

Trampoline gymnastics is an olympic sport in witch the gymnast does different set of tricks and flips. Trampoline gymnastics is suitable for everyone and it developes one's strengt, balance and flexibility. 

Our groups

Children 3-13 year olds:

We offer two types of groups: "JekkuTramppa" and "Trampoliinivoimistelu". Jekkutramppa is more easy-going and ment for gymnast that seek fun and thrilling activities. Trampoliinivoimistelu need at least one year of training in trampoline and during practise there is more focuse on tecnique and basics.

"Jekkutramppa jatko" means it is a advanced group that might train 1-2 times a week. 

14 and up:

"TemppuTramppa" is meant for 14- 17 year olds. In that group the focus is to learn more difficult skills and have fun and engagind practise. 

For adults we offer trampoline gymnastics for beginners and for advanced. Main goal is to get comfortable with the trampoline and learn new skills safely.