Artistic gymnastics

Artistic gymnastics is an old sport, that dates back to ancient Rome. The sport is divided to two: Men's artistic gymnastics and women's artistic gymnastics. 

Womens artistic gymnastics (WAG) competes in four different apparatus and men's articstic gymnatics (MAG) competes in six different apparatus. 

Our Groups

We offer artistic gymnastics from 3 years olds to adults. Some of our groups are mixed for boys and girls and some groups are separed. We call our Artistic gymnastics groups "Jekkukoulu" for children from 3- 12 year olds and "telinevoimistelu" from 12 and up. 

Need more challenge?

We also offer advanced groups in Artistic gymnastics. Our advanced groups are called "Jatkoryhmä" in Finnish.  In advanced groups the gymnast will train 2-3 times a week with the same coach. The focus is with good basics skills and then build more difficult skills safely. 

Competition groups:

We have competiton groups in mens and womens artistic gymnastics. Please contact our office for more information.